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Access to the Dulce base can allegedly be gained within the town of Dulce in NW New Mexico, itself. One block from the PAN AM building is the old high school, now used as an engineering facility by MAKEN & HANGER [originally ZIA Corp.]. Inside the facility is an elevator that reportedly leads to Level-1 of the massive underground facility beneath the Dulce area which is also known as "Ultra" or "Section-D", which runs under main street at a depth of about 200 feet. This level is guarded by PROFORCE Security, whereas deeper and more secure levels under the Archuleta mesa to the north contain automatic devices designed to KILL intruders. Dulce is by far the most massive and most strategic of all of the underground "hubs" of the joint military-industrial / alien imperial collaboration in North America, with numerous tube-tunnels radiating to all parts of the continent and beyond.

  • Map of Dulce, New Mexico

  • SatView of Guard Shack protecting secured area 10 km NW of Dulce???

    [ Note: The following story depicts some of the atrocities taking place in underground facilities like Dulce, and others within the U.S. and around the world - Al ]


    Before going into the specifics of each remembrance, I want to give some background/history of the experiencer, and some word definitions. The experiencer is a 52 year old white female, employed at an educational institution, with a BA in English, who has had abduction experiences since early childhood. She has produced 24 hybrid babies (there may be others) for the greys that we hear so much about these days.

    But recently (within the last 3-4 years) the experiencer has been consigned over to the dreadful reptilians for experimentation of mind control. Dreaming has always been important to the experiencer. Dreams were a pleasant learning opportunity. Questions were answered, friends and loved ones were visited, past lives were revealed -- much was learned and enjoyed.

    But one night that was all changed when the experiencer's ethreal was visiting an underground genetic lab in West Virginia, the experiencer went beyond what was allowed by the powers that be. They are the powers that control us and do not want to be revealed nor do they want what they are doing to be revealed. The experiencer has not remembered her dreams since that forbidden excursion (for two years) because at night the experiencer's ethereal is taken captive by the reptilians and shown horrible, unspeakable things. Then the exploited ethereal is brought back with the memory of those fearsome events taken away, but the emotions caused by those events are programmed to remain.

    This has caused a change in the personality of the experiencer as regards, hope, happiness, security, decision-making, and positive action. The experiencer now believes that humankind is so controlled that any action that she may take is not her own but that decided upon by her captors. In an attempt to understand what is going on, and why it is going on, the experiencer will be undergoing hypnosis regression to 'remember' the dreams. The following are some remembrances which have spontaneously popped into the consciousness of the experiencer.

    To make communications more comprehensive, here are some words and their definitions as used by the experiencer: Us, We = humankind They, Them = non-humankind Topside = The society of humankind residing upon the surface of the ground Bottomside = the underground network of many levels of tunnels, and complexes where They live The Lab = the underground bio-generic experimentation laboratory (1996) The Artificial Boy. He started me on this journey of remembrances of the underground bio-genetic laboratories, because he and the process that created him, broke my heart.

    He was a young boy, 8 or 9 years old, with light brown, reddish hair. His eyes were intelligent, yet sad with a deep longing for something. I knew he was artificially created and grown in this laboratory, and he knew it too; although this process of knowing, I do not understand. His environment, the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and living room was equivalent to what we on topside might be living in. Except, there were no windows for looking out of -- only for looking in to.

    The walls of his environment contained no windows, but one entire wall of this laboratory-created environment consisted of opaque, lighted, one-way-vision windows so he could be monitored constantly. Just as many 9 year olds on topside do, he spent many waking hours watching television. And that's how he knew. He observed people reacting to people constantly, and yet there were no people in his environment, only his caretakers. And I do not know who they were or how they represented themselves to him, if at all. The boy was totally isolated. He looked 100% human. Even his feelings were human -- and that's what they were fascinated with. You see, feelings control our actions, and control is what They are really interested in.

    He knew he was artificial, an experiment, and that he was scheduled to be destroyed soon. But those things didn't amount to much compared to his great longing. He wanted a real human to touch him, hold him, to love him. And I wanted to do those things. I can't remember if they allowed me to do so or not, but I like to believe They did. I woke with tears in my eyes and the undying memory of that artificial boy in my heart.

    Conclusion: That memory haunts me still, and it set my mind to wondering -- did the artificial boy have a soul? And, if so, what happened to it when he was terminated? Do They create souls? If so, do They put them in capture human bodies, clones, artificial bodies? How much control and manipulation do They have over my soul, your soul, countless others? And how ingenious of Them to experiment not only on the emotions of that artificial boy, but with mine at the same time. What other types of horrific experiments are They doing that We don't know of, and for what purposes? These are the questions that the artificial boy caused me to ask;. That's how this journey of remembering the bio-genetic underground laboratories and the horrible experiments created there began.

    (1996) The Birdman/Manbird I woke up remembering the bird-man and the man-bird. They were interesting because through the efforts and patience of the Manbird, they were working together. They had to because one had the attributes and physical parts of the other. They were penned up in an extremely large bird cage (the kind we see in a zoo) with branchey things meant to function like a tree. The bird-man was approximately 2 feet high with a bird head and a bird brain. He is covered with brown feathers.

    The human parts of him are distinctly human. They are arms and hands of a human man, and human-looking feet (no legs). These parts are not covered by feathers. He could not fly nor sit in a tree, and that was frustrating because his bird brain did not understand why he could not perform what his instincts were telling him to do. The man-bird, was taller, perhaps 3 feet high. He had a man's head on a man-bird torso, with bird wings and bird claws. He could fly and grasp tree branches enabling him to sit in a tree. He wants to do things with his hands, but he has no hands. He tries desperately and continuously to communicate with the bird man. He wants to teach the bird-man how to use the hands and arms as a human man would. He wants them to work as a team, but the bird-man lacks human comprehension.

    So the man-bird who tries to reach the bird-man as a brother, also tries to reach him as an animal. They have made some progress, but they will never escape because they are an experiment. One of the things they hold in common is their shared fear of their captors. Conclusions: Since the man-bird still has human thinking and feeling of a human who was once on the topside, that must be where he was at one time as a full human. He did not grow up in captivity, but was created in the Lab. His plight is pitiful.

    (1996) The Spider-man I woke up remembering the "spider-man." The thump-thump, thumpity-thump of his eight appendages pounding on the cage floor and shuffling the straw around was still with me upon waking. He had a body sack suspended from the midst of his appendages that flopped around from the movement of those long slender appendages with the knobby joints. They were covered with human-looking flesh and I could not tell which of the appendages were arms or legs because they had no hands or feet -- they just terminated like the end of an amputated stump.

    From the manner in which the spider-man thumped around in his cage, it seemed as though parts of him were meant to be human. His limb movement was not coordinated as a spider's would be and he seemed confused and frightened. He was in a round cage with bars and was considered as an animal by the white-robed human and non-human scientists moving around him. The spiderman had a shock of dark disheveled hair on the top of his head, a face, small but still recognizable as human -- but his eyes were large and segmented.

    A grey telepathically informed me, "We like to refer to them (the eyes) as being compartmentalized, as in having many different compartments, yet each one is complete. Imagine the range of vision......" Someone bigger and stronger than the grey told him, in affect, to shut-up.

    Conclusions: This rememberance indicates that such experiments are not random nor purposeless. Of all the creature combinations, there are those who can jump, fly, swim, run, and now see a wide range of many areas simultaneously. How horrible to be captured by an army of individuals who can collectively out jump, out fly, out swim, and out see any human being on topside.

    (1996) The Woman With No Language I woke up remembering the woman-with-no-language. She had blond curly hair, large round eyes that were constantly screaming in an attempt to be understood. Her mouth was a round like the letter "O" because They fed her through a tube which was inserted into her mouth and then withdrawn when the feeding was over. The capacity of language was taken away from this woman via some type of brain manipulation (not necessarily an operation, as we know it).

    Since humans think in language, I don't know in what manner this woman thought. Deciphering the thinking process may have been the purpose of this dark experiment. I don't remember her making any sound. Her mouth and jaw was useless to language, therefore, tongue, jaw, and facial movement were not necessary to Their purposes and was thusly eliminated. She was strapped in an up-right position in a rounded, tube-like clear plastic cage. Her body muscles did not appear to be etrophasized yet, so I assumed she was at one time (and not too long ago) a functioning human living on topside.

    Conclusions: I'm sure that this woman still has family and friends who love her. How did she come to be down here? Why can she not be found? Her present condition appears irreversible and she will be disposed of when she no longer serves the purpose of her captors.

    (1/10/97) The Horse-Boy I woke up remembering the "horse-boy." He appeared to be young (3-5 years old when compared to a human child) because he was so short, approximately 3 feet. He had on a yellow T-shirt with red horizontal stripes. He appeared to be of a light pastel coloring -- white, blue and pinkish flesh. His eyes were small (as compared to a human's) and had a light, opaque coloring.

    I looked into his eyes to see how human he was, but that part of his humanity appeared to be mercifully insane. He had a black or dark brown colored mane running from the top of his head down his back. He continuously was brushing the fore lock and top of his mane back with his forearm because it felt good to him (it had nothing to do with grooming). The features of his head and face was a combination of pony and human boy.

    I noted the spacing of his eyes. Using a human face as a model, the eyes were extremely wide-spaced (almost to the sides of the head) and far removed (high) from the elongated nose/snout. The ears (simple, human-shaped but with no folds) and were placed not quite on top of the head. Since his shirt covered his back, I couldn't determine the existence or condition of a mane. He stood up-right on his two hind hooves, and his two tiny fore hooves were on long, skinny and underdeveloped legs (as he did not walk on them). He sort of walked/hopped on his hind legs to get around.

    I could not determine if he was trained to walk upright, or if that characteristic was genetically inbred. Even though the reptilians kept "us" captive, the (human-master-race) scientists were demonstrating the nature and abilities of the horse-boy by feeding him tidbits, patting him on the head, and laughing. It was a game they readily enjoyed. The reptilians enjoyed not only the exploits of the horse-boy, but the emotional pain and anguish it caused Us to observe this type of cruelty.

    I felt horribly bad because of what the genetic experimenting was doing to the fully developed beautiful creatures of the earth, and also because of the many things I obviously didn't know. What Someone told me telepathically, "You know how little boys love ponies? Now the little boy can be his own pony! Ha, ha, ha!" (It made me sick at heart -- to know such things go one under the ground we walk on by merciless creatures who think mankind is ridiculous, when all the time They are the ones who are ridiculous.)

    Conclusions: This horse-boy was created for the enjoyment and edification of not only the human master race, but for the reptilian race (of which there are several). Creatures like the horse-boy are deposed of (destroyed) after they no longer serve the needs of their heartless bio-genetic engineers. What kind of a life is that for the experimental creature? What kind of awareness does that creature have? It varies, of course, with each creature -- which may be one of the things these vane scientists are attempting to discover.

    Why? So they know better how to control us humans of the slave class; and perhaps learn how to create slave creatures for specific purposes. The reptoids (and other aliens) have given to the human (master race) scientific knowledge and equipment to accomplish feats beyond our wildest imaginations. And that is just where They want to keep such knowledge. It is not taught in human schools, it is not accepted as 'real' science in the human society living on topside. Such bio-genetic experimenting is kept outside humandkind's determined range of reality, so that it can be on-going, so that it can change us.

    (1/18/97) A Physical/Ethreal Tie-In Last week I had injured my left index finger by accidentally cutting off the tip (which included some flesh and fingernail). It was a small piece of the finger, but to me it was a traumatic loss of part of my body. Perhaps that's what triggered this dream. A real injury (real in the 3rd dimension) would lend this dream an air of credulity. One or two reptilians, two greys, and I were standing in front of a section of white counter top, staring at an object. There it was, neatly laid out upon a sterile hospital-looking square napkin, a severed human hand. It was a clean cut, three inches beyond the wrist containing a short portion of some of the arm. It was not bleeding. It was a nice looking hand and I felt very warm and friendly towards it.

    No one was 'speaking.' Finally, they told me (through telepathy, of course,) it was my hand, and they continued to wait for a reaction from me. I looked down at my left arm extremity. There was no hand there, in fact, three inches up from the wrist was missing. Still I searched for reasons not to believe them, and as I did this, the hand changed color and texture; it started fading in and out of my vision. I knew the severed hand could not be real. There could be no invasion of my gross anatomy left sleeping in bed in the 3rd dimension.

    Somehow I knew that kind of tampering was not allowed. They did not get the type of emotional reaction expected. In that respect, they had failed. The next instant, I was snapped back to my living body in the third dimension. It was like being on a big rubberband that quickly pulled me back to that sleeping form I call me.

    Conclusion: Although They did not get the emotional response They expected, They still learned something. And that is, how to better regulate their experiments, and how some humans may think and feel. It gives me hope that We are not as helpless as They want Us to believe, but I also feel that the more I wiggle in their trap, the more securely it locks me in. Or could this insight just be another illusion that They want me to believe? How do we determine reality?

    (1/21/97) Hypnosis-regression:

    Question: How do they come for you?

    Answer: They are present in the in the fourth dimension before I go to sleep because they must grab the ethereal of me after it has separated from the body before it can escape their grasp.

    Question: Who are they? What do they look like?

    Answer: ..... I'm surprised. They are not reptilians. They are a form of demon-looking grey -- like a gargoyle. They are grey all over, no clothes. Their eyes are human-sized, completely round in appearance, red and glowing. The ears are larger than human-size with long points that protrude past the top of the head. They have two rows of sharp-even teeth. I don't remember the mouth or nose (if any).

    Question: How do they take you?

    Answer: As soon as the ethereal separates from they body, they each (there are two) grab my upper arms with their claw-hands. (NOTE: The hypnotherapist has on several occasions seen the black and blue marked left on the client's upper arms. The marks look like finger prints.)

    Question: What do their hands look like? Answer: Like a claw. Question: How many fingers do they have?

    Answer: Four and one thumb. They are bulbous on the ends and have long black sharp claws.

    Question: Do these creatures have tails?

    Answer: I don't know. I can't see. The creatures are maybe four feet tall and smooth all over, but with lumpy protrusions of a bony structure on their faces and shoulders. They laugh a lot among themselves and ignore humans. They are just doing their job.

    Question: Where do they take you?

    Answer: To a transportation vehicle.

    Question: What does it look like?

    Answer: Like the starry sky. Pieces of it blend into the sky so that only parts of it are visible.

    Question: What happened next?

    Answer: They strap me in an up-right position with yellow seat-belts (as in a car). The vehicle moves so fast it disappears to the human eye.

    Question: Where does it (the vehicle) take you?

    Answer: To a large, enclosed complex. There are many beings going to and from with a sense of purpose, and there are many captives.

    Question: What doe they look like?

    Answer: Many different kinds -- reptilians, greys, humans, humanoids, robots.

    Question: What does the complex look like?

    Answer: It is huge. There are long hallways with many windows, waist high.

    Question: Can you see in the windows?

    Answer: No. Just that we are outside those windows.

    Question: Where do they take you?

    Answer: To the lab, past the windows, down long hallways.

    Question: Describe the lab.

    Answer: It is oblong, very large. There is a long white counter top that is attached to a wall. It is waist high and runs the length of the room. There are blocks of computers located in various places throughout the room. There are surgical instruments and metal trays of all shapes and sizes. I am afraid.


    1) These gargoyle-type of grey must be working for the reptilians as they bring designated victims to the reptilians and humans of the 'master race.' No wonder churches and old buildings are decorated with these frightening creatures. Human beings have encountered them many times before.

    2) In order for them to abduct a human's ethereal, two of them wait by the side of the bed for the person to fall asleep, then grab the ethereal by the upper arm before it can escape. Timing is everything in this case. They have the attitude that 'it is just a job,' so they must be doing some one else's bidding.

    3) The ship, or transportation vehicle seems to be half in the third dimension and half in the fourth dimension. When it travels, it travels in the fourth dimension as it seems to 'disappear' to our eyes in the third dimension.

    4) Humans, reptilians, and other aliens are working together. It is strange, but now that I am writing these things, the remembrance of such dreams (ethereal abductions) have ceased.

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